Everything I need to know about Life I learned from running

I submit that everything I need to know about Life I learned from running!Running is training is running

Here, I share those thoughts with you in no particular order, and each week or so I intend to elaborate on each of these lessons for life. I look forward to your comments and/or observations. I hope you enjoy!

1) Life is a marathon, not a sprint (the marathon isn’t over until you reach 26 miles 385 yards)

2) Don’t stop running

3) Don’t pass a refreshment station (there is critical nourishment and encouragement there)

4) Large boulders in your path can distract you and cause you to veer from your goal, rocks in your path may trip you up, but (uncorrected) it is the pebbles in your shoe that will take you out of the race. All three can ruin your day, if you don’t address each problem as you encounter it

5) Always use the right equipment

6) Read and take to heart all you can about the task at hand from those who have tried, (possibly failing along the way, but who ultimately) succeeded, not from those who talk a good game but have never finished a race.

7) Coming in first or last doesn’t matter. Finishing does. Success or failure is not measured by the time on the clock. It is measured by miles you have placed behind you, the wear on your shoes, the sweat on your face, and ultimately by having crossed the finish line, whenever that is.

8) Look ahead, but not too far ahead

9) Intermediate milestones along the way, help you stay focused and positive

10) Your best chance for success is by employing a coach and/or mentor

11) When you are on rocky terrain,  Stay in the moment.

12) You can do it

13) Don’t allow yourself to become distracted from the goal

14) Enjoy the journey

15) Every mile spent in training helps to insure a successful run

16) You are not alone. Many have run before and many will run after

17) You can run farther and get their faster and enjoy the experience more when you run with someone who is like minded, matches your stride, and pushes you to go another step, just a little faster

18) You will hit the wall, but you can and must get through it

19) There are people around you, many of whom you don’t even know who are cheering for your success

20) Cross training is important (don’t do one exercise to the detriment of the rest of your body.)  You need to become well rounded

21) Hills can be your friend, valleys can be your enemy

22) It is never too late to begin, and you are never too old to start

23) You are your own worst enemy

24) Watch where you plant your feet

25) Running is work, but you can find fulfillment in it

26) Proper nutrition is critical

27) Listen to the signals your body is giving you (those aches and pains are trying to tell you something).  Adjust accordingly

28) Proper technique helps to avoid injury

29) If you get injured, get help

30) The more you run, the more you can run

31) Mark your progress daily. Keep a journal

32) Be careful of the company you keep (IE: If you are not a fast runner, but you run with a fast crowd, you will pay for it further down the road)

33) Others have inspired you, and whether you know it or not, you are inspiring others

34) A little proper eating before you start will help insure a successful run

35) Eating smart at the end of today’s run will help you run better tomorrow

36) As I run my marathon, there are many “someones” along the way who I do not know that will hand me a cup of water, a pat on the back, or a word of encouragement that will insure my success. Without them, I would not make it

37) What I learn from my experience I need to share and help someone else on their run along their path

38) When I cross the finish line, someone else may cry for my success even more than I do

39) Stretching before and after a run prepares my muscles for the run as well as protects me from injury

40) My dog loves to run with me so much, she would run until she dropped dead. Am I that loyal to someone or something?

41) Every day that I can get up and run is a gift

42) On good days or on bad, when I receive encouragement whether from someone running along side me or someone on the sidelines waiting for me to pass by, it really does make a difference.  If I can be that encouragement for someone else, I should and must

43) There is a big difference between “I can’t” and “I don’t want to.” Therein lies the difference between winners and losers

44) When you get injured your body heals on its own time, not yours

45) You get younger, not older when you run consistently and carefully

46)  The end isn’t the end… it’s only the beginning!


3 Responses

  1. I must say, this blog makes we want to start running… It seems to only make a person stronger, healthier and more energetic… Why doesn’t everyone run??? Is the question!!! Every person including myself should take this to heart and spare a few minutes out of the day; to run for an enhanced life…

  2. GR8 post good reading now I need proper nutrition and exercises

  3. I cant thank you enough for this!

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