Lesson #2 Never Quit!

Lesson #2 – Don’t stop running.

When all seems lost, and you feel you can’t continue, don’t quit. There is a reward waiting just on the other side of the hill you are climbing. No matter how steep, you can make it.

This last weekend I ran my second race. This one was a particularly tough endurance race in that it was a “Hill” run. Forget the fact that it was less than 3 weeks after I had run the Chicago Marathon (which in itself is not the smartest thing… that is, running 2 races so close together). It was a great opportunity to discover new limits to my abilities, and I felt I was up to it. Besides, it was such a beautiful setting in what is known as Bootleg Canyon. I was surrounded by like minded (translate that to “a bit crazy”) runners, the air was crisp, and there were gorgeous views in every direction. Ah, the deceptive tranquility of Bootleg Canyon.

human_power.jpgThe run was only 16.74 miles (They called it a “Fun Run” because it was less than a Marathon length), but had something on the order of a 2800 foot change in elevation. Lots of ups and downs, some so steep that you were forced to walk going up and brake hard going down, interspersed with piles of rocks so large you couldn’t run over them but were forced to pick your way over, and others you had to put hands on the outcropping and literally climb over. After the first 1/4 mile, it became a single track, Continue reading