Lesson #4 The pebbles in your shoe will take you out of the race…

The expanded version of this lesson is: Large boulders in your path can distract you and cause you to veer from your goal, rocks in your path may trip you up, but (uncorrected) it is the pebbles in your shoe that will take you out of the race. All three can ruin your day, if you don’t address each problem as you encounter them.

Let me first say, I’d apologize for this long post, but I took the time to write it and don’t know what to cut. So I hope you will read it without getting bored, and gain something from it (and maybe even say, “Nice work!”).

I run 5 to 6 days per week. I am practically obsessive about it. If I can’t run several days during the week, I get… well… agitated. If you are a runner, you know what I mean. So, if I am pressed for time, I will only run 4 miles. If I have more time, I may run between 7 and 10 miles. Running with Dixie (my dog) is therapy for me. To which you may conclude, Continue reading