Lesson #6 – Read and take to heart all you can about the task at hand…

…from those who have tried, and (possibly failing along the way, but who ultimately) succeeded, not from those who talk a good game but have never finished a race.

The only thing you learn from failing and failures is what doesn’t work and how not to win. Having said that, failure does give you insight into things to avoid and how not to lose. Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” Failing may in fact be a part of life and learning, but I believe we can often circumnavigate failure by applying the perspective and experience of others.

Whatever your endeavor, there are resources you can draw from that can give you a leg up on, shorten the learning curve, and minimize failures and missteps as you move through the 4 stages of competence. You have certainly seen them before, but I list them here for you in perhaps a different context. The 4 stages of competence are: Continue reading