#7 Coming in first or last doesn’t matter… Finishing well does.

Lesson #7 Coming in first or last doesn’t matter… Finishing well does.

In a Marathon, unless you are an elite runner (probably from Kenya), it matters little whether you come in first or last.  What matters most is first, that you even dared to run, and then second, the manner in which you run and finish. In short, success or failure in a Marathon is not measured by the time on the clock or by the number of people who cross the line in front of or behind you.  (Between you and me, I will admit to you that I do privately use my finishing position – in my age bracket, and overall – as a benchmark for my own personal feeling of accomplishment and – if noteworthy enough – bragging rights). Rather, it is measured by miles you have placed behind you, the wear on your shoes, the sweat on your face, and ultimately, having crossed the finish line – whatever your time is – that you are spent, and that you can look back on the race as having put all your energy into the effort. Continue reading