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My name is Steve Matthews. At the age of 53 I decided to run my first Marathon. I am not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination. My family would admit that I am at best mediocre at most sports. Those Genes just don’t run in my family. So the day I announced that I was going to successfully run the Chicago Marathon, no one really believed me. I trained for 3 1/2 months and ran the demanding 2007 Chicago Marathon. The weather, but particularly the humidity was brutal, causing the collapse of a record number of runners. As time went on, the number of people succumbing to the heat and humidity started to cascade, prompting the race officials to cancel the race at about hour 4. You may have heard that approximately half of the 45,000 did not complete the run. I am fortunate to be one of those who did complete the race. I finished in the top 44% of my age bracket, and the top 46% overall of those who finished.

While training, I found that there are many lessons for life found in running. So I decided to put them in writing and see if they might resonate with anyone else who runs, or may be considering running. I place these here for your edification, and encourage, and welcome your feedback and comments. Enjoy!


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  1. STEVE!!!! How did I not know this about you after all of these years? While I’m not remotely interested in running (I would love to do it but I just don’t enjoy it), I find that your feedback is plural on many levels. Your anecdotes are applicable to many situations, not just running my friend, and I think we can all identify with them remotely or personally. Go you!

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